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February is National Children's Dental Health Month! Watch this video from Colgate find out how many minutes your children should brush their teeth:

Here are some very important tips that you don't realize about the foods/drinks you eat and enamel erosion. Feel free to watch as many times as you want, along with the other educational videos from Delta of NJ.

Some important tips for all you new parents out there about your child's baby teeth and how important they are!


Did you know there's a link between your oral health and overall health? This is true especially for Diabetes and Gum Disease. Watch the video and read this website to learn more! http://www.colgatetotal.com/total-benefits/diabetes

A fun reminder for parents to help your kids brush! From 2Min2X.org:

Stay tuned for more as we periodically update!

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You may visit the ADA's website called Mouthhealthy.org for great resources about oral health:

Stay tuned for more links as we periodically update more educational videos and links!

Here's a great educational video from Invisalign:

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